Supa Savings Sale!

Due to the recent stormy weather, we've extended our Supa Savings Sale until 17.05.24! For all the details, check out our latest blog post.


We’re serving up a cracker of a deal with our Supa Savings Sale! 

Original Sale: Supa Savings Ending 25 January 2024

Our original sale was set to end on 25 January 2024, offering you the best of deals on our Diamond Grille and Supa Shield Doors.

Update! Sale Extended Due to Stormy Weather

But, hold your horses – due to the recent wild weather, we're giving you more time to secure your home at these great prices. The sale is now extended until 17 May 2024! That's right, no need to rush – we've got you sorted.

What’s On Offer?

Diamond Grille Doors are up for grabs from just $429, incl. GST and installation, and they come equipped with a triple lock and lock guard for that extra layer of safety. Or, for those who fancy a bit more flair, check out our Colonial Cast Panel Doors. And for the ultimate guardian at your doorway, our Supa Shield Doors are on special for $755, fully fitted with a triple lock for that fortress feel.

The Fine Print (Updated)

Don't get mixed up with the dates on our leaflets that got carried away in the storm. The sale is still going strong and now ends on 17 May 2024.