The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Your Plantation Shutters, 02-Feb-2024

Learn how to maintain your plantation shutters effectively with our comprehensive guide. From dusting techniques to paying attention to crucial areas, these simple steps will ensure your plantation shutters remain beautiful and functional for years. Discover the importance of regular maintenance and how it can save you from costly repairs or replacements.

Sale Extended - More Time to Secure Your Deal!, 01-Feb-2024

Mother Nature may have rerouted our leaflets, but our Supa Savings Sale is still going strong, now until 17.05.24. Discover incredible offers on our range of screens, designed to improve your home's safety and comfort.

The Long-Term Benefits of Choosing Quality Shutters, 31-Jan-2024

Investing in quality shutters pays off long-term. Made right here in Australia Infinity Shutters™ are engineered to withstand decades of intense sunlight, storms and temperature fluctuations without warping, fading or cracking. Child-safe, pet-approved, and with a 20 Year Warranty.

Get Your Home Holiday-Ready: Installation Cut-Off Dates Announced, 08-Nov-2023

Looking to bring festive cheer into your home with the perfect screens and shutters this Xmas? K&B has you covered, but time is ticking! Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your space into a seasonal sanctuary - from keeping out the summer flies to enjoying elegant shutters that set the mood for merrymaking. Act fast—our installation schedule is filling up like Santa's sleigh!

Supa Shield: Your Gateway to Peace of Mind, 26-Sep-2023

In a world where home security can be stressful, Supa Shield™ offers peace of mind. Crafted from .316 marine-grade stainless steel and secured with the innovative 'Hook-Clamp' system, our screens provide top-tier protection. Made in South-East QLD and custom-fitted to your home, our products meet AS5039-2008. Skip the middlemen and deal directly with us for maximum value. Looking for a complete, certified, and cost-effective home safety solution? Contact us today for a free measure and quote.

Engage an Expert for Your Aluminium Shutters, 15-Jun-2022

Most internal openings are designed with window furnishings (eg. plantation shutters) in mind. The same cannot be said for outdoor areas...

Control Your Environment™ with LouvreLock™ Aluminium Shutters, 06-May-2022

Shortages of PVC and timber products in Australia increased the wait times and cost of plantation shutters. This created...

Are Your Shutters Made in Australia?, 30-Jul-2019

Sadly, the majority of plantation shutters sold in Australia are manufactured in China or Indonesia. Luckily there's an alternative. Infinity Shutters™ by K&B are Australian Made, custom made, and installed in 3 weeks.

Australian Made Infinity Shutters., 22-Jul-2019

There are a few plantation shutter companies implying their window shutters are made in Australia, but are they telling the truth, and how can you know for sure?

Are Cheap Blinds Worth the Long-Term Cost?, 04-Jan-2019

In December last year, a picture of an all too common scene (a damaged vertical blind) went viral on Twitter due to an Ohio (USA) mans’ cheeky solution. But why do people return to a product not designed to last?

Security Screens at Unbeatable Prices., 23-Jul-2018

Don’t pay too much for security screens! With K&B Security Doors and Shutters you’re dealing direct with the manufacturer. That means you’ll almost certainly spend less to keep your family safe. But the advantages don’t stop there.

K&B Is In Toowoomba., 30-Apr-2018

As of Monday the 30th of April, K&B has expanded its coverage area to include Toowoomba.

The Danger Of Door Closers, 04-Jan-2018

A must read on the door closer sub-culture.

Dispelling the Myths of Unscrupulous Reps., 25-Jul-2017 the initial fad of plantation window shutters gravitates into a full-blown renovation trend in South-East Queensland, things like “60% OFF SALE!”, “BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!” and basically anything with multiple exclamation marks “[insert nonsense]!!!” are becoming frustratingly prevalent.

Comparing Blinds with Window Shutters., 11-Jul-2017

Most people still refer to plantation window shutters as “blinds”, lumping them in the same category as venetian, vertical and roller blinds. But there are important differences a potential buyer should be aware of before placing an order.

K&Bs Shutters Are ACTUALLY Australian Made., 09-May-2017

There are only a few companies in South-East Queensland that genuinely make their shutters in Australia. The rest of the industry ship their plantation shutters in from overseas, mostly from China and Indonesia. Read more to find out why we decided to invest in our own manufacturing capabilities.

Bunnings vs. K&B., 30-Mar-2017

In the security door and screen industry, price is one of the few differentiating factors between any number of companies. But are there other factors you should consider?

K&B's 3 Week Turnaround Guarantee for Shutters., 12-Sep-2016

Don't fall for the import trap. Just don't. Don't do it.

Custom Made Shutters vs. Imported Shutters., 05-Sep-2016

"Custom made" is a phrase thrown around a lot by many salesy-type people in countless industries in presumably every country. But what does it actually mean, and should you even care?

Ormeau Fair 2016 - A Muddy, Windy Affair., 04-Sep-2016

Well, Ormeau's take on the Ekka has come to a close. Rumour has it there are still people ankle deep in the now-hardened soil on Brian Harris Oval...

How Do K&B's Infinity Plantation Shutters Stack Up?, 29-Aug-2016

As you surf the internet researching the various brands and types of plantation shutters, you'll notice certain phrases and words popping up with ever-increasing frequency. Let's look at how K&B's Infinity Plantation Shutters, AllviewiQ PVC Shutters and Aluminium shutters stack up against the common "unique" points of difference offered by our competitors.

What is the "Import Trap" When it Comes to Shutters?, 15-Aug-2016

Nobody likes waiting, especially when there's a readily-available alternative. And if that alternative just happens to be of better quality, is more affordable and is custom-made in South East Queensland, it's got to be -at the very least- considered.

Why You Should Buy Your Plantation Shutters From K&B., 12-Aug-2016

Other companies order their shutters ready-made from overseas (and then sit around for 6-8 weeks on their hands), whereas we designed our own system from scratch with reinforced rails, stiles and louvres (Infinity Plantation Shutters) and manufacture EVERYTHING locally, custom-made to fit your home or business.

Securing Your Business Against Theft., 27-Jun-2016

Recent crime reports released by have focused on residential crime hotspots across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. For employers, it's equally as important to secure your business.

K&B Nationwide! - Current eBay Listings., 09-Jun-2016

K&B Security Doors and Screens are now selling online to customers nationwide.

Critiquing Your Security Door., 16-May-2016

So, you’ve chosen to purchase a security door for your home or business. It may be from K&B or someone else. How do you actually know whether you’ve gotten what you asked for?

Shutters vs. Curtains/Blinds: The Eternal Question., 09-May-2016

Price, maintenance and security... How do shutters and curtains/blinds match-up?

Security Doors and Your Energy Bill., 04-May-2016

A custom-made security door or screen, measured and installed correctly by K&B, limits gaps and cracks you might attain by purchasing a second-hand product online, or attempting to complete the project on your own* (without sufficient knowledge). It's estimated 15-25% of heat can be lost in this way...

Facebook Photos - Shutters and More., 22-Dec-2015

...from time to time, K&B regularly uploads pictures taken by our fitters of recently completed jobs. Currently there are over...

Avoid a Christmas Catastrophe., 23-Nov-2015

Christmas is different for everyone. What we all share in Australia however, is the outrageous heat.

In-Depth - The Supa Shield "Hook-Clamp" System., 21-Oct-2015

The simplest way to compare the most common systems...

Summer is Almost Here., 17-Oct-2015

Summer is almost here in Australia. For some of us, that means...