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Infinity Shutters™: Built to Withstand the Aussie Sun

Welcome to the home of authentic Aussie-made Infinity Shutters™. These state-of-the-art shutters are the perfect mix of style, toughness, and practical smarts for your windows. Made locally in just four weeks, our shutters are a significant step up from your usual blinds, designed to stand up to the harsh Aussie sun.

Why Choose Infinity Shutters™ Over Blinds?

Our Infinity Shutters™ are crafted from a robust Polymer-Carbon-Glass Fibre composite, and beefed up with aluminium inserts. So, you can say goodbye to any cracks, chips, splits, or warps. These shutters are built tough, making them the go-to choice over other window treatments, like blinds.


Infinity Shutters Hinged Room Divider

Fixed Infinity Shutters™ installed in a void opening.  

Their versatility is unmatched, whether you need them indoors, outdoors, or even as room dividers. With Infinity Shutters™, you're in control.

Customise Your View with Various Panel Choices

Pick your panels however you like – fixed, hinged, sliding, or bi-fold, all designed to give you an unobstructed view with hidden tilt-rods.

20-Year Warranty: Four Times the Industry Standard for Plantation Shutters

Our Infinity Shutters™ come with a 20-year warranty. That's four times the industry standard of 5 years for timber shutters. They're made from an environmentally friendly, hypo-allergenic, fire-retardant, and non-carcinogenic composite, so they won’t need much fussing over.

Yep, we're the mob from the radio ad promising beautiful shutters fitted fast! And we stand by that promise, delivering top-quality Aussie-made plantation shutters in just a month.

Your Forever Home Deserves the Best Window Treatment

While blinds may be cheaper, they're not built to last. Our Infinity Shutters™ are a smart investment for your "forever home", and they're safer too, with no cords or pulleys that could be a hazard for the kiddos.

Available in four elegant colours: Vivid White, Bright White, Classic White, and Off-White, our shutters will add brightness to any room. And with a 20-year warranty and a bit of TLC, they'll last even longer.

Choose Aussie. Choose Infinity Shutters™ by K&B.


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