Supa Shield: Your Gateway to Peace of Mind

Unlock Lasting Peace of Mind Today

Home security shouldn't be a source of worry; it should be a gateway to peace of mind. With Supa Shield™, you get advanced technology and design in a security screen that fits your budget.

Supa Shield Hinged Door

Inswinging Supa Shield Hinged Door

More Than Just a Security Screen

Supa Shield™ sets itself apart from average security screens. Crafted from .316 marine-grade stainless steel woven mesh, it's held securely within a sturdy frame. Our innovative 'Hook-Clamp' system ensures the mesh is unmovable, elevating both your home's security and aesthetic.

Built for Longevity in South-East QLD

Manufactured in South-East QLD, Supa Shield™ goes the extra mile by featuring a layer of rubber insulation. This actively fights against corrosion, ensuring your investment stands the test of time.

Tailored Security Solutions for Your Home

Every home is a unique canvas, and Supa Shield™ offers custom-fit security screens designed to match your home's architecture. Certified to AS5039-2008 standards, our expert installers ensure you get a reliable and stylish security solution.

Supa Shield Screened Enclosure

Supa Shield Screened Enclosure

Direct Deals, Maximum Value

Skip the middlemen and work directly with us. This approach guarantees that you're getting a high-quality, locally made product at a competitive price, maximising your investment value.

Supa Shield™: A Comprehensive Solution

Supa Shield™ is more than just a security screen; it's a complete, certified, and cost-effective solution for your home's safety. Interested in giving your home the Supa Shield™ advantage?

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