What is the "Import Trap" When it Comes to Shutters?

Nobody likes waiting, especially when there's an alternative. And if that alternative just happens to be of the same (or arguably better) quality, is more affordable and is custom-made in South East Queensland, it's got to be -at the very least- considered.

The norm in Australia is 6-8 weeks from the payment of a deposit upon ordering your shutters to delivery. K&B can deliver in just 2-3 weeks. We measure your window shutters, provide a free quote, and once the green light is given, 15 working days later your shutters are installed.

You read that correctly. Just 15 working days instead of 30-40.

The Import Trap

The reason why there's such a significant difference is because the overwhelming majority of our competitors import their plantation shutters from overseas, made in factories they've potentially never seen. This is the "import trap". If your windows are incorrectly measured, or your shutters are damaged in-transit, the clock resets to zero. You're trapped, having already paid a deposit, beholden to forces beyond your control.

In comparison, K&B's shutters are locally manufactured and custom made to suit each and every customer's unique requirements. Any complication can be immediately rectified in our factory in Meadowbrook, Brisbane.

You don't have to wait 6-8 weeks.

Get your Infinity Plantation Shutters sooner from K&B.