The Danger Of Door Closers

Over a decade ago, door closers were common-place (standard, even). They took away the tedious act of turning to shut a door behind you. Suddenly, you could move from room to room without a care in the world, picking up valuable milliseconds; milliseconds you could spend with your family.  

However, before long it became glaringly apparent that these mass-produced plastic pieces of (let’s say) "innovative genius" weren’t built with any intention to last.

Soon enough, the industry responded. Door closers were no longer considered a standard inclusion.

Now, in 2018, there are companies that void the warranty of the door itself if you are door closer inclined. K&B Security Doors and Shutters is yet to take that step. We take pride in our manufacturing processes / quality control procedures and installation expertise. As a result, our doors remain to be covered by warranty for up to 12 months for the hardware, and 10 years for the .316 marine grade stainless steel woven mesh (if you buy a Supa Shield door or window).  See Warranty Terms and Conditions for further information.

K&B has NEVER provided a warranty for door closers. It’s written in the top left-hand corner of every quote we’ve ever done. Sure, we’ll supply one and even install it while we’re on-site, but neither the closer or the installation of the closer is covered by any semblance of warranty.

We highly encourage you to think twice before tacking one on to your family home or business. At best after a couple of months it’ll need tightening or adjustment; at worst, you’ll damage the door itself through misuse.