Supa Shield Stainless Steel Security

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What is Supa Shield  "Hook-Clamp" Stainless Steel Security?

Supa Shield is K&B Security Doors and Screen's (K&B's) innovative and unique way of holding .316 marine grade stainless steel woven mesh in place inside frame (used on security doors, security screens, patio screened enclosures, and bi-folds)*. Our 'hook-clamp" procedure (explored in further detail below) ensures our customers are provided with the strongest, most durable and stylish product on the market.

Our buying power allows us to sell it at a very affordable price in comparison to our competitions differing systems.

Where and How is Supa Shield Made?

It was designed and continues to be manufactured entirely in-house at our Meadowbrook plant. We adhere to the strictest of self-imposed quality assurance systems. Nothing gets through unless it is our absolute best.

Furthermore, there is no middle man in our instance, and no franchising or licensing fees. You're dealing direct with the manufacturer, from ordering your desired goods to fitting/ project completion.

Why is Supa Shield for Security Doors and Security Screens the Right  Choice?

K&B's product differentiates itself from other systems in the way that the stainless steel .316 marine grade woven mesh is held in place. It's done by what we call a "hook-clamp" procedure (as referred to above), as the stainless steel is folded to "hook" inside the frame. This makes it near impossible to pull the sheet out from your security door, security screen, patio screened enclosure, and/ or bi-folds, as the sheet would have to be entirely de-creased. 

Supa Shield .316 marine grade stainless steel woven mesh products also come with a lining of rubber insulation to pro-actively prevent corrosion and has passed the sheer load test and specification requirements set by Australian Standards 2803.  

Are Door Closers Covered By Warranty?

Short answer: no. Longer answer explaining why: here

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