Shutters vs. Curtains/Blinds: The Eternal Question.


We'll start with the most important match-up... PRICE. While curtains are undeniably cheaper on average, curtains fade over time due to sun-exposure. Ask yourself, "In 20 years*, how are these going to look?" Now don't get me wrong, this isn't entirely a curtain-bashing post. With the right fabric and design, they can be quite pleasant… but are you prepared to clean them? Probably not.

Which leads to the next point of comparison… MAINTENANCE. Shutters may collect dust (just like curtains), but cleaning is as simple as running over a damp cloth. At best, you're going to require a hand-held vacuum for curtains. At worst, a return trip to the local dry-cleaners.  

Finally, SECURITYInfinity Shutters™ by K&B are reinforced with aluminium inserts. They're strong, and won't crack, split, chip or warp. Let's be honest, curtains have minimal (if not non-existent) home security benefits. There's a reason why more businesses are using aluminium and steel to protect their assets as opposed to a thin, sewn material that can be manipulated by the wind. (Facebook via The Guardian)

In conclusion, if you can get your head around an initially higher investment, shutters provide numerous advantages over other options for your windows and living areas. Not touched upon here, additional benefits include insulation, increased home valuation and 2-3 week delivery

See Infinity Shutters for more information. Our Photo Gallery contains pictures of recent jobs. 

*K&B's Infinity Shutters come with a 20 year warranty.