Security Screens at Unbeatable Prices.

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Security Screens?


Supa Shield Security Doors #3


With K&B Security Doors and Shutters (K&B) you’re dealing direct with the manufacturer. That means you’ll almost certainly spend less to keep your family safe.

But the advantages don’t stop there.




Our heavy duty, custom made Supa Shield Security Doors are unparalleled in their strength and durability. We can say this with confidence because our strict, self-imposed quality assurance systems ensure nothing gets through unless it is our absolute best.

Don’t take our work for it though. Read what our customers have to say about our excellent service and high quality products – Testimonials.




K&B’s “Hook-Clamp” procedure (our innovative and unique way of holding .316 marine grade stainless steel woven security mesh in place inside aluminium door frame) provides our customers with the strongest, most durable and stylish security screen door product on the market.  

Competing systems rely heavily on the expertise (or lack thereof) of many hands throughout the supply chain and allow for significant product tolerances, Supa Shield simply cannot be put together unless everything is perfect – the measurements, sharpness of the guillotine / saws, and accuracy of the pan-brake (folding device).

Contact us to organise a free measure and quote or come and visit our showroom to see a sample / learn more.


Supa Shield Security Doors #4




We offer 3 week delivery across our entire product range, which includes security doors, plantation shutters, aluminium louvres and insect screen. Waiting 8-12 weeks is just too long in our opinion and could mean you’re getting an imported product instead of Australian made.




K&B’s fitters have been specifically trained how to install Supa Shield Security Doors / Windows. Most of them started by working in the factory and learning how to put them together, or as sales representatives. This is in stark contrast to a number of our competitors, who outsource home security installs to unqualified handymen looking for additional work and a quick buck.




Frequently, we hear horror stories from new customers who have previously dealt with other well-known brand names in the industry and were hoodwinked into spending well over $1000 for a standard sized entry door. A large chuck of that can be attributed to franchising and licencing fees.

The rest is greed.

For an .846m wide by 2.096m high Supa Shield Security Door with a triple lock, incl. GST and installation, K&B charges a mere $699. At that price, you could almost buy a 2nd door and still come out ahead! That's why we can say with confidence that our security screen prices are unbeatable. 


Deal direct with the manufacturer and stop paying too much for your security screens.