Security Doors and Your Energy Bill.

The Impact of Custom Made Security Doors and Security Screens on Your Energy Bill


In summer, Queenslanders generally leave their doors and windows open to the breeze. Obviously, Supa Shield Security Doors and insect screening can prevent insects, general dust and debris. However, through winter, the emphasis tends to lean more towards artificial heating which contributes to a higher electricity bill AND negatively impacts the environment.

A custom-made security door or insect screen, measured and installed correctly by K&B, limits gaps and cracks you might attain by purchasing a second-hand product online, or attempting to complete the project on your own* (without sufficient knowledge). It's estimated 15-25% of heat can be lost in this way.

That's substantially less energy you need to use to stay comfortable (if the problem is addressed).


Other Tips For a Warmer House


  • Open sun-facing shutters and window coverings during the morning/early afternoon to take advantage of free heat! (PS. Infinity Shutters™ by K&B are known to insulate far better than timber…)
  • Close off areas of the house not in use, to keep heat where you want.
  • Instead of focusing on the temperature of the house, put on some slippers, a jumper, or enjoy a hot beverage.


*K&B can provide discounts to customers who wish to measure and fit their own product. However, the risk is then transferred to the individual in regards to "fit".



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