Ormeau Fair 2016 - A Muddy, Windy Affair.

Ormeau Fair 2016 #5


Well, Ormeau's take on the Ekka has come to a close. Rumour has it there are still people ankle deep in the now-hardened soil on Brian Harris Oval. And if the mud didn't get you, there's a fair chance you were blown back to your car by the ferocious wind. A stall near us gained an extra storey early on Saturday morning. Terror dissolved into laughter as locals banded together to separate jams from lockets.


Ormeau Fair 2016 #2


There were political parties, dance-offs, a number-of-rocks-in-a-tub competition and the usual beleaguered parents chasing their wide-eyed, sugar-infused, ride-hopping children. While we missed the fireworks, passing comments on Sunday would suggest they went down a treat.


Ormeau Fair 2016 #1



Thanks to the Ormeau Lions Club and see you all next year.