K&B's 3 Week Turnaround Guarantee for Shutters.

Infinity Shuttersby K&B, AllviewiQ PVC Shutters and Aluminium Louvres in 3 Weeks


When K&B initially began selling shutters to its customers, it used the same distribution strategy as its competitors (importing ready-made products from overseas). However, within a few months, we became privy to the many problems that arise from such an arrangement. Orders could be lost, goods were damaged in-transit, and in rare instances misunderstandings between measurer and customer resulted in weeks of delays. Even when everything ran smoothly, from the date of order customers had to wait a minimum of 6-8 weeks (still unfortunately the industry average). Bizarrely, there are companies that boast of this statistic.


Now, K&B Security Doors and Shutters manufactures ALL of its shutters orders in Australia, eliminating the aforementioned issues. This is why we can guarantee a 3 week turnaround for our Infinity Shutters, our AllviewiQ PVC Shutters and our aluminium louvres, because we make them ourselves. We don't delegate quality to an unknown overseas factory. Our process is entirely transparent. You can visit our factory, see and touch our samples, view photos of recently completed jobs on our Facebook or website, and talk to our team. Each product is custom-made to suit your individual needs, not purchased en masse and cut-down on-site.

Don't fall for the import trap.

Get your plantation window shutters sooner from K&B.