In-Depth - The Supa Shield "Hook-Clamp" System.

The simplest way to compare the most common security door systems is to imagine a piece of paper (not tremendously exciting, but a good metaphor nonetheless). If you poke a pencil through a piece of paper, it's likely the paper will rip, depending on how close to the edge you make the hole. Another method might be to hold the paper tightly with the tips of your fingers. Again, depending on the placement of your grip, the paper might slip.

The Supa Shield "Hook-Clamp" system folds the .316 marine grade stainless steel woven mesh like a hook, in a way that fits perfectly inside a unique extrusion designed specifically for our product. The overwhelming advantage of Supa Shield Security Doors is that unlike other available products, if the woven mesh isn't cut to the right size, it simply won't fit inside the frame and has to be re-made entirely before we deliver it to the end-consumer. 

We've also passed all of the relevant Australian standards (AS5039). 

Returning to the paper metaphor, the Supa Shield Security Doors "Hook-Clamp" system would be as if you wrapped your fingers around the sides of the paper and held it firm with your knuckles exposed.

Other companies often boast of the results of their ordered strength tests (carried out in carefully designed, artificial environments). 

In all likelihood (and understandably so), manufacturers of competing systems would have produced a perfect example of their product, with checks uncommon during regular production for the public, so as to influence the test outcomes, whereas for every Supa Shield door, window or enclosure, by its very design, if the woven mesh isn't cut to the right size, it won't fit inside the frame. 

Our "Hook-Clamp" security system ensures our customers are provided with the strongest, most durable and desirable product on the market, and without a middle man in terms of franchising and licencing fees, K&B Security Doors and Screens' Supa Shield is also extremely affordable. 

If you have any questions about Supa Shield, you can send us an email, direct message us on Facebook, or call us on 07 5529 7688 (Gold Coast), 07 3200 9152 (Brisbane) 07 4600 8750 (Toowoomba) or 07 5493 8281 (Sunshine Coast).