How Do K&B's Infinity Plantation Shutters Stack Up?

As you surf the internet researching the various brands and types of plantation shutters, you'll notice certain phrases and words popping up with ever-increasing frequency. Let's look at how K&B's Infinity Plantation Shutters, AllviewiQ PVC Shutters and Aluminium shutters stack up against the common "unique" points of difference offered by our competitors.

Interior/External Shutters

First cab off the rank is whether the shutters can be installed inside (interior shutters) AND/OR outside (external shutters). If you're intending to purchase polymer or PVC shutters (Infinity Plantation Shutters are polymer, AllviewiQ PVC Shutters are PVC), they can be external, however aluminium shutters are always the best option in such a circumstance.

K&B will always suggest aluminium shutters for external applications.

Product Durability

Up second is the "won't warp, crack, chip or shrink, or split" fiasco. You may have read this on our website as well. :/

Unfortunately, due to the proliferation of companies touting their products "won't warp, crack, chip or shrink, or split", everyone has to follow suit or risk appearing as if their product will "warp, crack, chip or shrink, or split". The fact is, unless they're made incredibly poorly, with inferior materials and measured/installed incorrectly, no shutters product on the market should fall victim to these issues. K&B locally manufactures each Infinity Plantation Shutters order in Australia, custom-made to suit each customer's unique individual requirements. If there are any issues we can address them promptly.

Shutter Louvre Sizes

Third, different louvre sizes. The standards are 64mm and 89mm. K&B can supply 114mm, but it's uncommon and we only use it if a customer has existing shutters in their home of that size and wish to match.

Lastly, delivery time. For most people, this is the most crucial aspect of their order. Those who import shutters from overseas make their customers wait 6-8 weeks at a minimum (K&B can guarantee 2-3 week delivery for Infinity Plantation Shutters, AllviewiQ PVC Shutters and Aluminium shutters). They also charge a substantial deposit to cover themselves for shipping costs and unforeseen circumstances, as well as progress payments BEFORE the job is installed. We ask for a 30% deposit and the remaining balance paid on installation.


Don't fall for the import trap.

Get your Infinity Plantation Shutters sooner from K&B.