Dispelling the Myths of Unscrupulous Reps.

You may have seen or heard these types of sales-y gimmicks in any number of industries, but as the initial fad of plantation window shutters gravitates into a full-blown renovation trend in South-East Queensland, things like “60% OFF SALE!”, “BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!” and basically anything with multiple exclamation marks “[insert nonsense]!!!” are becoming frustratingly prevalent.

Does anyone really believe it’s genuinely 60% off the normal price UBlinds would charge, or that the second shutter is completely free from Modern or half the price of the first?

If you happen to get a quote from Modern in addition to us, I’d suggest calling them out for a single shutter.

Just the one.

Mention you’ve received a quote from K&B or another company (to keep them honest), get them to price your one window (just one), and then watch them sweat as you then ask for another at half the price as per their promotion.

Now, why would you do this? Because if you say up front that you’re after their “BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!” sale, they’ll price the first window at twice the price.

K&B Security Doors and Shutters HAS NEVER and WILL NEVER infect our promotional materials with such drivel. Our prices remain the same throughout the year. We do occasionally use words like “sale” (in our leaflets for example), but our prices don’t jump up and down like a child who’s ingested too much sugar.

Our products speak for themselves.

Don’t take my word for it though. After all, I’m employed by K&B. We encourage all potential customers to get multiple quotes, whether they’re after security doors and screens and/or plantation window shutters. We’ve been around for over 20 years, so we’re not afraid of a little bit of competition.