Critiquing Your Security Door.


So, you've chosen to purchase a security door for your home or business. It may be from K&B or someone else. How do you actually know whether you've gotten what you asked for?


There are Australian standards which all companies must abide by. It's the manufacturer's obligation to meet these requirements. Providing you've undertaken a sufficient amount of background research into your selected organisation, it's highly unlikely this factor will be of concern.


How Much Do Security Doors Cost?


It must be understood that price is not a measure of quality. We hear from many customers who have previously paid far more than necessary, convinced by a smooth-talking sales-type. The measure of a good security door lies in the skill of the installer and the accuracy of the salesperson when taking sizes. Sometimes a company will even return to your property to double-check their measurements. THIS IS A GOOD THING.


Custom Made Security Doors vs. Standard Size


Much like a new item of clothing, it's all about the fit, as in Australia, there are no standard sizes for windows and doors. This makes it incredibly important that your purchase is custom-made to specifications dictated by your home / business.

K&B offers three distinctive options for security-conscious customers. Supa Shield Security Doors, 7mm diamond grille and steel


Quick Summary of Product Options


Supa Shield Security Doors - K&B's unique and innovative "Hook-Clamp" system for doors, windows, screened enclosures and bi-folds is, in our opinion, the strongest, most durable and stylish product on the market. The stainless steel is folded to "hook" inside the frame and makes it basically impossible to get through. Rubber insulation prevents corrosion.


7mm Diamond Grille - An affordable, long-lasting security solution that provides a strong visual and physical deterrent to would-be intruders. Each door manufactured by K&B has three hinges for added protection, is riveted to the frame and made with solid aluminium corner stakes.


Steel - Steel is the strongest possible product with which to protect your property. While visually unappealing, there is no equal in strength and absorptive capacity.



A burglar will look at the frame of the door to determine possibility of access. Poor manufacture or inept installation renders the door's security application useless. As mentioned before, it all comes back to the experience of the salesperson and installer.


Key Points:

  1. Ask plenty of questions when being provided a quote.

  2. Ensure you speak to / visit the websites of multiple businesses.

  3. Research the product. Knowing a little about what you're intending to purchase is extremely advantageous.

  4. Keep in mind, price is not indicative of quality.


Call K&B today to organise a free measurement and quote. We over 20 years of experience and are on hand to answer any questions you may have. You can also direct message us on Facebook, or send an email to [email protected]