Bunnings vs. K&B.

What is the Cost of a Security Door?


In the security door and screen industry, price is one of the few differentiating factors between any number of companies you may call to get a quote (and there are hundreds). The products are, in all honesty, extremely similar with slight modifications. However, what customers sometimes don’t realise is that there are no standard sized doors or windows. Sure, there are a few that pop up more than others, but every home and business has its quirks, especially older premises. This is where choosing an experienced and trustworthy company can prove vital. A “green” sales representative may miss additional parts necessary for installation and cause lengthy delays down the track. A newly christened installer may improperly hang your door and damage existing tracks and fixings.





Buying Security Doors Online


Bunnings is trying to use its pre-existing model of selling standard products at a low cost in an industry where there’s no such thing as a standard product. A shovel… sure! I don’t need someone to come to my property and assess the size, shape and quality of shovel I’ll need to dig a hole. I’m more than capable of determining that myself. It’s literally, JUST A SHOVEL. You can’t really go wrong. A door that doesn’t fit though… that’s a bit more inconvenient. To add insult to injury, the prices they’re offering are only fractionally below what K&B Security Doors and Shutters charge to MEASURE, MANUFACTURE and INSTALL your custom-made security door. Bunnings’ Aluminium Barrier Door Grill is $199, but you have to do all the work yourself, and your door opening has to be the perfect size to match. There’s a cruel amount of luck involved. Plus, you’ll need a suitable vehicle to get it from the warehouse.


Our price for a 7mm Diamond Grille Security Door with a single lock is $260, incl. GST. Our standard colour range is enviable, and our warranty applies to the operation of the door too, not solely whether it’s fit-for-purpose.





It would be remiss of me though to direct such frustration entirely at Bunnings. Increasingly, sole traders are setting up online-only stores to cater for an market unwilling to undertake due diligence. Seconline is one such company (but you can find many more on eBay and Gumtree). They’ll ship your 7mm Diamond Grille Door to you, custom-made (after YOU’VE measured it), for $347.99, ready for YOU to install. The cost difference between them and Bunnings can be equated to the complexities of manufacturing a custom-made product and then having to ship it by courier. However, note (as mentioned earlier), K&B will MEASURE, MANUFACTURE and INSTALL for just $260.


Admittedly, I work for K&B (evidenced by the fact you’re reading this on their website). However, not a single sales representative or staff member at our company would discourage a prospective customer from obtaining multiple quotes. Put our business under the microscope. We’ve been providing Queensland families with security doors, insect screens and plantation shutters for over 20 years. That kind of longevity does not come from taking advantage of people without the industry experience to know better. It comes from providing superior service and a quality product time after time at an affordable, transparent price.