Avoid a Christmas Catastrophe.

Christmas is different for everyone.  What we all share in Australia however, is the outrageous heat. Don't ruin this year by forgetting to order that patio screened enclosure to protect your relatives from the inevitable insect onslaught after, or more frighteningly so, during a delectable Christmas / Boxing Day meal.


Make It A Christmas/Boxing Day To Remember. #2


Or maybe your front door is on its last legs, and is only one overly enthusiastic slam from a sugar-rushed child from tearing off its hinges. Imagine the devastation waving goodbye to your friends and family from a mere hole in your wall.


While you may not be able to avoid:

  1. Disappointing your children because you chose to buy something useful as opposed to the latest toy,


  1. Make It A Christmas/Boxing Day To Remember. #1


  1. Getting stuck in the shopping centre which now resembles rush-hour traffic,
  2. Finding out the present you thought would be the most appreciated was returned for store credit;

At least you still have time to call K&B and avoid any potential security door, insect screen, plantation shutter, or patio screened enclosure crises.