Are Your Shutters Made in Australia?

The Queensland summer is only a few months away. Picture those long lazy lunches with family and friends, cocktails by the pool, and an unrelenting sun set on making your house feel like a sauna. 

You're going to want to keep your windows open to let in somewhat of a breeze.


Hinged Infinity Shutters™ in a bedroom.

However, if you currently have blinds instead of plantation shutters, you'll have to sacrifice privacy for airflow. Or, alternatively, you could just upgrade your window furnishings.

Window shutters give you control over how much airflow and light you want in a room. 

But you don't want just any old shutters! 

Sadly, the majority of plantation shutters sold in Australia are manufactured in China or Indonesia. They're shipped in ready-made at standard sizes and cut down if need be, without you ever being the wiser. Best case scenario is an 8-12 week turnaround, but God forbid if they've been damaged in-transit or they'll have to go back and the timer resets to zero.

Luckily there's an alternative.

Infinity Shutters™ by K&B are genuinely Australian Made.


If they can't show you the logo, tell 'em they're having a laugh!

Our employees hail from the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Toowoomba. If you get your shutters from us, your hard earned dollars are going back into the local economy and not off-shore (increasingly important if you've seen the latest employment figures for Queensland - 

So, don't settle for less than the best. 

Get your free measure and quote today.

Buy Australian. Buy Infinity Shutters by K&B.